As a transplant from Poland, Sebastian Krywult has a sense of adventure flowing through his veins. He’s been an active member of the Arizona Off-Road community since 2007 exploring the endless desert landscapes and sharing his story through photography. Between developing software full time and practicing Jiu Jitsu, Sebastian always finds the time to look for his next adventure whether it be documenting a stage rally race, producing desert racing content or trekking down another unbeaten path in the Arizona high desert.

Charouleau Gap FR736

The trail was a blast! I love how it began on basically granite, moved to some rocks like I’m used to seeing in the bradshaws, in the middle of it had, sand, silt and boulders. It was tough, probably the toughest trail I’ve ran in the grand vitara. Thanks to Ron for leading the run, […]

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Curtis’ Suzuki Samurai

Having owned a few Suzuki Samurai’s and a Sidekick in the past, Curtis decided the approach he would take with this Suzuki Samurai would be a little different. Instead of taking the easy route most of us would take, and swiping their credit card at every occasion to have ready-to-install parts delivered to our doorsteps,

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Duning a Suzuki

Can you dune a Suzuki Grand Vitara? That’s a question you won’t hear very often, but the short answer is yes. Should you? That’s a whole different story. Before we headed out to Glamis, CA I was sure we would take our Suzuki’s for one ride, and spend the rest of the weekend drinking beer

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Pucker Ridge

To finish off November with some dust or rather mud, we headed out back east and towards Superior to run a trail called Pucker Ridge, and the name was pretty fit for the trail. As usual I found the trail on’s web site, and it had just the right amount of pucker moments, with

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Lone Pine Divide

We got to do the Cherry Creek trail for the first time last March, Lone Pine Divide was the obvious next choice. Never having been this side of the Sierra Ancha’s until that Cherry Creek run, made me reconsider that and search for what else the area had to offer. The beginning of the road

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Hellsgate Loop

You can’t win them all – this was supposed to be a full on loop and much bigger run, but last minute several people dropped out, which left us with a much smaller group than anticipated, and we didn’t get to finish the full on loop because of some mechanical issues, but we still had

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