Charouleau Gap FR736

The trail was a blast! I love how it began on basically granite, moved to some rocks like I’m used to seeing in the bradshaws, in the middle of it had, sand, silt and boulders. It was tough, probably the toughest trail I’ve ran in the grand vitara.

Thanks to Ron for leading the run, it was good to see Oscar out there too. Brian broke a transfer case mount about a mile in and had to turn around, wise call, the trail got significantly rougher the deeper we went in.

I’m honestly stunned how well Mikes grand vitara did, he had to try some lines here and there, but did great overall.

This was the scariest hill, once I started spinning tires I had to quickly think ”what would ron do” to get myself out of this situation.

I left the house at 6:15am and got home at 7:20pm, long day, well worth the drive. All the pictures from Charouleau Gap can be found here.

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