Crown King Night Run

When I was pulling up, I didn’t expect to see any Suzukis, somehow I misread that RJ and Bob weren’t going to be there, but they were already there waiting with the Sasquatch. Shortly after a few of my Jeep friends joined, then Cory with his family, and lastly Myron. 

A group of Jeeps and Suzuki's ready to start the back road to Crown King

You’d figure we learned by now, but it was too hot to be out there. I’m not sure what the temperature was, but I had the dog with me sitting in the car, and trying to keep him cool with just the engine idling wasn’t happening. So I got in there to get the RPMs up and that helped out. I ned to get get one of the bike gear things that James has to keep the RPM’s up.

Once we took off, we got to the CK rock pretty quickly, there wasn’t all that much traffic coming back from Crown, we literally had one side by side come back at us, and then an FJ and a Tacoma pass us while we had dinner at Ft. Misery. My burrito warmer worked great, I can’t remember the last time I had burritos this warm.

A Suzuki Grand Vitara searching for traction on the back road to Crown King, AZ

It looks like the mining operation recently graded the dirt road leading up, it was in a descend shape, but the boulder creek by the mining operation is as bad as it’s ever been. 

The rest of the trail was beat, the obstacles around Oro Belle were about as tough as they were before, at the first obstacle I took the line furthest to the right so I didn’t even have to stack any rocks, and then at Oro Belle, I somehow picked the right line to get through.

Overall it was a fun run, but I’m over the trail for now. Doing it 3 times this year already is more than enough for me. Plenty of Bradshaws left to explore from that side.

All the pictures from this run can be found here –

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