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Jan 22, 2010
Welcome to the original club for Suzuki 4x4 owners that live in Arizona.

Do you love four wheeling? Are you tired of four wheeling alone? We know how hard it is to find other people to go four wheeling with, especially other Suzuki owners. ZOA started in the summer of 1999 when a few local Suzuki four wheelers had the idea to create a club. Everyone else has a club, right? Now Arizonans with the same interest in Suzuki made vehicles can meet face to face and go four wheeling together. Join us on a trail ride or come to one of our monthly meetings. It's fun to see other Zuks up close- to get new ideas for your rig, show off what you've done to yours and to hang out with other members.

To qualify for membership, we only have two rules:

#1. You must own a 4x4 Suzuki vehicle. We want you to already own one so you have a vested interest in the group.

#2. You must live in the state of Arizona. This keeps the group smaller and more personal.

Live in Arizona and have 4x4 Suzuki?
Yes? then click here to register.

If you are approved for membership, please fill out your profile so we know a little about you and your Zuk.

Once again- welcome, and don't be a stranger!
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